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This site has been written by the grandson of Frank MacRae who devised the MacRae Handicap System.


Whilst searching for information on the MacRae Handicap charts it became evident that many people were looking in vain for copies of the tables. I presume they are no longer in print. The maths behind the Charts is explained here.


On this site you will find the charts printed in full which you are more than welcome to print and use.


If you would like the full charts e-mailed in PDF format, please use the contact page and I will get them straight to you.


The site is dedicated to the memory of Frank MacRae and his wife, Joan.


If you are still using the MacRae Handicap Charts in your club or competitions I would be thrilled to hear from you.


Many thanks for searching for the MacRae Handicap and for visiting this site.



" ... the expert finds no greater pleasure than in passing on to the novice all the finer essentials towards becoming a first- class marksman"


Frank MacRae

To find out more about the creator of the MacRae Handicap System visit About Frank.

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